Lovely december, Toraja the cheapest destination in the world

Come and witnes a life time experience..
-Huge funeral ceremony this year....
-festival of traditional dance

“Lovely Toraja from the Highland is the theme of Lovely December, thus it is focused in Tana Toraja where you can enjoy a variety of activities combined with its attractively beautiful nature and its never-ending exotic resources.

As a main destination, Toraja possesses typically characterised culture and nature with its uniqueness which becomes as one of the world heritages. The world heritage of Tana Toraja include traditional village and typical house of Toraja called Tongkonan which is always faced to the north, complexes of stone graves and traditional happiness ceremony (Rambu Tuka ) and funeral ceremony (Rambu Solo) as well traditional rituals of Torajans who still implement a belief of ancestors called Aluk Todolo.

Majority of Torajans are Christians and some of them are Muslim. In their daily social lives, Torajans are still influenced by their old traditions as a local cultural resource. This can be found in their spectacular ceremonies such as Rambu Tuka dan Rambu Solo.

Geographically, Toraja Highland is located in 520 to 1300 above sea level and possesses cold temperature with 19 – 28 Degrees Celsius.