Get closer to to the tribe in Irian jaya

The Baliem Valley setting in the region of extraordinary natural beauty in the highland of 1.500 meters is added incentive to make the quick flight about 1 hour from Jayapura to get there. There is even more reason to visit Baliem valley every year. When a year long schedule event will celebrate called "THE DANI AUGUST FESTIVAL" making the visit all more enjoyable is the Baliem valley excellent of native people who are very friendly.

All DANI architecture and art preserve a unique style and real stone-age, Bows and Arrows, Koteka, Arm Belt, Stone-Axe, Nacelles from the Teeth of pig as well as Dog are reflect to the DANI's sculpture traditional and attract Visitors from all the world, Baliem valley also serve as the base of exploring DANI's fascinating Southern, Northern, Eastern and Western region. In this Surrounding hills and the Native people are welcoming you.

The Yaly lives on the hills and flat terrain. The temperature of this area is 20 C—30 C in the day time and at night 10—15 . The total population of this area 35.000 people. Compared with the Dani people that the Yali people are more primitive and traditionally. They are also less influenced by outside world. The largest villages around are Angguruk and Kosarek. Air transportation to Angguruk or Kosarek is served by Chartered plane of missionary.

Agats is the capital of Asmat region located in the south coast of Irian Jaya which is swampy area. The main transportation of the locals are padding canoe. To reach one and others villages should be through the rivers by using motorized canoe or paddling canoe.
All visitors are required to bring the good equipment such good shoes for muddy, medicine to against the mosquito's and Malaria, hat and sun protection, sleeping bag and air mattress as well as raincoat.

Koroway village is home for the Kombay Tribes people who live on the Trees and of course un touristy. To reach the area should be by charter Missionary Flight from Wamena or Jayapura with 2 hours flying time. An alternative is by flight landing in Timika and take long boat trip through the open sea "ARAFURU" to Asmat and drive up along the Siretz to Braza River which it took at least couple week to be there.